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Use the Inmotion R1®, the more compact, lighter and funnier of a new  gyropod generation. With a noteworthy presence, CannesVisiTour conveys many positive values: ecology, design, high tech, innovation, modernism... During all the year, choose the most adapted solution for your events.

 "Discovery of Cannes on Gyropods"

During a company seminar, I chose Cannes VISITOUR to make us discover the Gyropod associated with a visit of CANNES. And it's a great experience!

It all began with a telephone conversation  with Alixia in order to finalize the conditions. Then D-day, appointment to LAUBEUF parking where our machines were waiting for us. After a warm welcome, Alixia has equipped us all and the training has started. Alixia's calm and gentle voice has lifted all apprehensions and learning has been extremely fast: safety, dexterity, exercises: nothing is left to chance! After it is the departure for the big ballad. Direction the SUQUET with a very beautiful coast. Along the way, all the explanations, both to be comfortable on his machine and information on the city of Cannes are given throughout the ride. At the top of the SUQUET, we give up our machines to take advantage of the magnificent point of view with the information of Alicia. After going down, we walk in single file in several streets in the middle of the passers-by. And everything is going really well. Return by the Palais des Festivals, with, on a quiet car park, beautiful acceleration. Then back to the starting point and it's already over, alas! All the participants greatly appreciated this activity proposed by CannesVISITOUR. So do not hesitate, do it.

                                Jean Claude Deboeuf, Ennery, France. Avis publié : 9 juin 2017       Tripadvisor

4 tours according to budget on choice



Joystick Challenge


Photo stops to share and ressurect this unforgettable moments...


Weight Max:110kg.

Helmet and Audio receiver included

Sneakers obligatory.

Not recommended for pregnant women

and people with balance desorder.

Our gyropods are INMOTION R1EX® CE certified, it's not SEGWAY®. Gyropods INMOTION R1EX® are adapted to every one from 14 years old (weight mini 25 kg). INMOTION® and SEGWAY® are registred trademarks.


IMPORTANT:  Alcohol or drugs is prohibited before and during our tours and any client suspected of having used will be immediately deprived of his trip and no refund will be granted. You can peruse all of our terms and conditions by clicking on this link: TERMS AND CONDITIONS. LEGAL NOTICES. Each tour begins with a training session. Wearing clothes comfortable and suitable at weather is highly recommended and wearing closed sport shoes without heels: Sneakers, Tennis or basket. Handbag forbidden.